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    R&D Prototype

  • Prototypes are the key to ensure a fast and safe progress in the development of a new product. Our Rapid Prototyping technology has contributed to almost all engineering areas.
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    Pilot Production

  • The investment in the mass production is the last and most risky step in the development of a new product. When the mass production is starting mistakes and flaws in the production line can’t be changed.
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    BTO Production

  • The Build To Order production is the next step in our 100% Service. The Development of a new product is often limited by the available production methods or missing know-how.
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    --RPWORLD--for over 10 years this name stands for high quality in Rapid Prototyping and
    manufacturing and the will to achieve more than others. RPWORLD.net is a medium sized
    family company. Our effort and all round service is significantly changing the way of how companies
    are approaching their projects. In today’s economy high quality standards, a strict schedule and
    a competitive price are essential for the success as a global player.
    Decreasing the cost of product development in an early stage is our answer to develop
    innovative products while decreasing investment risks.             
    George & Steve Wei the two brothers from Beijing build up a company which enables you to approach
    even the most complex of projects. A highly skilled team of young engineers, workers and Salesman
    can respond flexible to changes and innovative ideas.


    Under promise over deliver